Droid Life IRC Network is Live, App Available in the Market

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Having a Live Support channel is something that I myself and the rest of the Droid Life family take pride in. We have a phenomenal team of knowledgeable users in there who provide help 365 days out of the year. And when there isn’t help to be given out, it’s just a nice place to sit and chat about practically anything. I always said that I wished there was that kind of support when I first rooted my phone. As of late, we have taken extra initiative to deliver something that can’t be found anywhere else. I am pleased to announce that we now have a full-time dedicated Droid Life Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network!

And alongside this announcement I’d also like to inform everyone that the Droid Life IRC app is available in the market to give you access to live support from anywhere.  The app is based off of YAAIC (Yet Another Android IRC Client), is 100% free with zero ads, and allows you to quickly connect to the DL network in case you run into any issue, even while on the go.

So if you are in need of some help, or just want to chat about Android in general, come on in and say what’s up!

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting #Fascinate, #Epic, #Phoenix, and #ModADroid-Galaxy-Tablet!  And if you would like to switch your channel over to the new network, then please let us know.

Our new server is:


And for the security conscious folks, you can connect via SSL on ports 9001 – 9003 and 9999.

A huge thanks goes out to Speels and DarkwingDuck for setting this all up!  And to Rob0rz for the app!

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