Verizon Focusing on 4G LTE Android Devices, Not the iPhone at CES

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Verizon announced that it will be holding a 4G LTE event at CES a couple of weeks ago, and this week, made it Android-specific which means no i*hone for those of you holding out for a device from that other company.  Surprised by that?  We’re not.  We’ve heard all along that if the i*hone 4 comes to Verizon that it won’t be an LTE device, so that leaves it without a slot at CES.  Sure, they may launch the i*hone 5 this summer as an LTE device, but CES more than likely won’t be the place.  Plus, Apple likes to have their own spotlight, and dropping their next device at a giant tech conference just doesn’t seem like their style, does it?  And moving on to Android again…

We heard that the HTC Thunderbolt made an appearance yesterday?  [insert sheepish grin]  Just know that Big Red isn’t stopping there.  After next Thursday’s press event, we should have a chance to see (possibly handle) 4G LTE devices from Motorola, Samsung and LG which are all Android devices.  It’s going to be a big CES for the good side of mobile operating systems.

Via:  Android Community, Information Week



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