Android Developers Team Wants You to Root Your Phone, Hopes Manufacturers Catch On

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A post just went up over at the Android Developers Blog titled ‘It’s not “rooting”, it’s openness’ and might be the single greatest thing we’ve seen posted in the Android community in a long time.  Nick Kralevich, one of the security engineers for Android, talks about leaving devices like the Nexus S and One open, so that users can “install custom operating systems”  in a legitimate way, rather than by finding a security exploit to gain root access.

He then goes on to talk about manufacturers and a hope for them to recognize that there are ways to allow unlocking of a phone without compromising the integrity of a mobile network or the rights of content providers…

Unfortunately, until carriers and manufacturers provide an easy method to legitimately unlock devices, there will be a natural tension between the rooting and security communities. We can only hope that carriers and manufacturers will recognize this, and not force users to choose between device openness and security. It’s possible to design unlocking techniques that protect the integrity of the mobile network, the rights of content providers, and the rights of application developers, while at the same time giving users choice. Users should demand no less.

Now if only they could post up information like this on a daily basis, so that we can maker sure companies are realizing the advantages of rooting to the consumer.

We’re lookin’ at you Motorola!

Via:  Android Developers


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