DROID Lockscreen Gestures Loaded into CyanogenMod 6.1 RC5

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CyanogenMod for the original Droid just got even more amazing, this time with lockscreen gestures from mtwebster.  What are lockscreen gestures?  Think of Google Gesture Search, only in a more practical manner on your lockscreen so that you can actually get some use out of i.t  You will now be able to set gestures to open up applications or perform actions and I’ll admit, this is pretty awesome.  Pull up your dialer, text message app, Facebook, or start navigating all from your lock screen with a simple swipe.  Not bad, right?

You can find this latest build in ROM Manager.

To set up gestures, open up Settings>CyanogenMod settings>Input settings>Lockscreen gestures and get rolling!

Via:  CM Forums

Cheers Picolas!



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