VCAST App Store is Live for DROID Incredible, Here is the First Walk-through

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A Droid Incredible update is supposed to start rolling out to devices this week and for some of you, it sounds like it may have started already.  One of the major things to be included in this update and that you should check out right away, is the new Verizon VCAST app store, which until now has never really been seen.

We told the world about a ROM which was based off of this new update and actually included the VCAST.apk last week.  If you loaded it onto your device, it gave you an error instantly, but today, if you load it onto your Incredible, you’ll be able to browse and purchase apps.  We have a full walk-through after the break.  

Download:  VCAST.apk (Incredible only!)

Browsing for apps…

Purchasing an app…

“My Apps” section…

Report issues and rate apps…

No LauncherPro.  Boo!

Overall the VCAST app store looks pretty, but so far is a little sluggish.  Navigating around in menus or from category-to-category took some time and the VCAST version of the hour-glass popped up quite a bit.  The search function is no where near the quality of the Android Market and as you may have expected, won’t suggest apps for you as you mistype them.  The buying process was simple though and there appears to be a ton of apps already available.  One of the big selling points of the app store was the ability to place app charges straight to your VZW bill and this looks to do that perfectly.  Not once was I prompted to input credit card, Paypal or Google Checkout information and I have to admit, enjoyed it immensely.

In the most unsurprising news of the day, we should note that there are ZERO Google apps in the app store.

Have fun!

Source of App:  XDA Forums, Virtuous ROM



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