Verizon’s VCAST App Store: Everything You Need to Know

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The big news yesterday was the impending update for the Droid Incredible which will bring the VCAST app store to its first device.  Most of you were not all that excited about the news and had a ton of questions as to how this might affect your current phone app setup.  PC World reached out to Verizon to get all of the info you could ever ask for.  We’ve highlighted some of it below.  

  1. Complimentary Store: It will not replace your Android market and will be complimentary to the other stores out there.
  2. App Selection:  The store will launch with a few hundred apps, many of which are already available on the Android market.  There is nothing preventing developers from listing their apps in both the VCAST app store and the stock Android market.
  3. Purchasing Apps:  The highlight of the VCAST store is the billing feature.  Rather than using your Google Checkout or Paypal account to buy apps, you can add the charges straight to your Verizon bill.
  4. Refunds:  There will not be a 24-hour refund policy with the VCAST app store.  You buy it and it’s yours.
  5. Other Devices:  Other than the Incredible, the VCAST store is expected to be available to the Droid 1/2, Droid X, and Fascinate in the near future.  It will come pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

I’ll admit that I like the billing feature and the thought that Verizon may be able to control the quality of the apps better than the open Android market.  With that said, it is another piece of bloatware.  We’ll find out the true story next week though, right?


Via:  PC World



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