Bought the DROID X Powermat? Struggling with the Battery Door?

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The Powermat for the Droid X came out this week and already seems to be getting some bad press.  A couple of our readers were quick to run out and grab one once they heard it was available and came back with some not-so-exciting remarks.  Brian actually went through 2 different, brand new, Powermats and even with the help of the Best Buy Mobile rep, could not get the battery cover to stick.  Normally I would just roll my eyes at Brian (cheap shot!), but then we received the video below from reader Kane who demonstrates the awkwardness of the cover.  You can see in his video that the battery door not only has a weird nub hanging off the side, but also refuses to stay completely closed.  Unfortunate.  

Anyone else cruise out and pick one up?  Any luck?

Cheers Kane and Brian!


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