DROID Theme Friday: Pink and Tang for LFY

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Another glorious Friday has come! I’m feeling good today, so I have decided to shoot for a double Custom Theme day, plus I really enjoy this developer’s work.  He has a ton of themes with matching boot animations that were created by himself and his girlfriend!  Here’s my question though…”Why can’t I have a girl like dat?”

The base ROM for these themes is called LiQuId FrOzEn YoGuRt that has great overall stability and coolness, but remains classy and streamlined.  


This is for the “OG” Droid1.

1. Download the LFY 1.7 ROM HERE.
2. After installing and getting tired of the stock look, download the Pink or Tangerine themes.
3. Place Zip file on base of SD Card, pop open ROM Manager and select “Install ROM from SD Card.”
4. Navigate to the Zip and hit it.
5. Please make a backup just in case!
6. This is the really important step…ENJOY!

As always, please check out the comment section if you have problems or hit us up on the IRC Live Support Channel. We’re, “Freaks about helping people” and proud of it!


Props to KooKadoo, Liquid, and Liquidzgirl for the Themes. | To see everything he offers head here.

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