Incredible Theme Monday: INCredible rEVOlution

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The rooting crowd for  the Droid Incredible appears to be in full swing, pumping out themes and ROMs almost daily that rival those on any other device.  In fact, there are so many polished and stable looks out there that we are now ready to start a regular feature for the DI just as we have done for the original Droid and as of last Friday, for the Droid X.

First up is probably the most popular of the DI themes, but one that is also the most worthy of being featured.  Say hello to INCredible rEVOlution, a ported theme off of Manup’s now ridiculously famous rEVOlution theme for the EVO.

Instructions and gallery after the jump!  


*Note 1* – Unforunately unrevoked 3.2 has not been re-released for new users looking to root Android 2.2.  At this time only current rooted users will be able to do this.

*Note 2* – Should work with any dedeoxed 2.2 Incredible ROM.  These instructions use Virtuous ROM 2.6 which is available for free in ROM Manager.

1.  You need to be rooted.
2.  Download and install ROM Manager from the market.
3.  Open it and select “Download ROM.”
4.  Select Virtuous and then Virtuous ROM 2.6.  The ROM will now download.
5.  Once it finishes, check the box to create a backup.
6.  If you are already running a new 2.2 ROM you can skip “wipe data and cache.”

*Note 3* – If you run into any issues, reflash the ROM, only make sure to “wipe” next time.

7.  After your phone finishes installing the ROM it will reboot.
8.  Open up ROM Manager again and go back in Virtuous.
9.  Scroll down and tap on “Incredible Revolution Theme.”
10.  Select any patches you feel you will use and hit OK.
11.  The theme will now download.
12.  When it finishes, create a backup if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy.  Skip “wipe data.”
13.  Your phone will boot into recovery and flash the theme.
14.  Once it reboots, prepare to enjoy your INCredible rEVOlution!

Full support thread including additional themed elements visit XDA Forums.  (Donate if you can!)

Support for Virtuous ROM can be found here. (Donate if you can!)



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