Adobe Still Supporting DROID While System Requirements Say No

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While the Flash 10.1 player requirements still say that the original Droid is well under what is expected for a device to be supported, Adobe continues to stand behind one of the first ever “Flash ready” smartphones.  Can’t say that we blame them either, especially after seeing the outrage which ensued following reports hinting towards discontinued future updates for the D1.

And seriously though, give Adobe a little more credit than that.  Why would they talk Flash for a device from its birth, only to abandon it weeks after it finally received it?  There are roughly 2.5 million D1’s running in the wild and you should expect them to be Flash-enabled for the foreseeable future.  At least we hope so anyway.

Requirements can always be taken as guidelines, and who knows, maybe Adobe is simply covering bases so that we can avoid rioting Devour users crying for embedded Youtube support.  Can you imagine that scene?

Source:  Adobe
Via:  Android Central


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