DROID Pro is just DROID 2 World Edition?

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Normally I’m not one to do the “I knew this already!” stuff, but we were told that the Droid Pro would simply be the Droid 2 world edition almost a month ago from 2 separate and non-related sources; we were just put on strict orders not to actually say it publicly.  Then today some additional details have come to the forefront, so it’s time to talk about it!

If you want proof, check out this little hint I dropped on July 30th in a running Droid Pro thread over at Droid Forums

Not to cause a stir, but I’ve heard from 2 separate sources that this device is as far from what is in the original post as could possibly be.

Anyways, enough on us, let’s talk about the Droid Pro/D2 World Edition.  Engadget just received this screenshot which looks similar to one BGR had a few weeks back only with more detail…

As you can see, we now know for sure that the R2-D2 Droid 2 will be model A957 and the D2 “WE” will be A956.  We previously weren’t sure what A957, but this surely clears up some of that confusion.  The R2-D2 D2 should still launch on September 30th, but the D2 “WE” is a complete mystery.

So the mysterious Droid Pro is likely not as amazing as was previously rumored and could just be a business version of the D2.  Still interested?

We are still trying to figure out what the Droid “SICK” is though.

Via:  Engadget



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