DROID X Feature: Panoramic Camera Shots

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There are some differing opinions as to the quality of the camera on the new Droid X, but one thing that can’t be argued against is the coolness that is the “Panorama assist” feature.  The DX’s camera allows you to line up 6 shots consecutively while moving in whichever direction you choose to snap some pretty cool wide-range views.  This is essentially the same feature seen in the new Sony Cybershot commercial with everyone’s favorite country sweetheart Taylor Swift.  Err…here’s how it’s done!

Open your camera app and press “Menu” and choose “Picture modes”…

Select “Panorama assist”…

Choose the direction you’d like to take your series of photos in…

Snap your first shot and start moving in the direction you selected…

It can take up to 6 consecutive shots so just keep on rollin’ until your shot is complete.

Have fun!  And feel free to post your own shots in the comments.  Upload them to your favorite image hosting site and paste the URL to share with the rest of the DL community.


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