DROID X Stock Status, Data Issues, Cheap 32GB SD Cards

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Well hello there Droid X and 32GB SD card which says $99, but really only cost Droid Life $50.  Yay!

OK, so we’re back from a little adventure to pick up the new beast on the Verizon block and have some news to share that might change your current and future orders…

  • Sold Out – First of all, the DX is basically sold out everywhere.  We were just at a store outside of Portland that received 65 devices and had 2 left when we walked out the door.
  • Next Shipment – When you can place an order for one in store again?  Confirmed by 2 sources, as of today (7/15), orders placed after 2:30PM will not be shipped until 7/23.
  • Device on Hold – If you had a DX on hold, it is likely gone.  Stores were holding until 2PM today and will sell your device if you had not picked it up by then.
  • 32GB SD cards – While Verizon had announced that the 32GB SD cards would be discounted from $149 to $99, I was able to purchase one for $50.  Some stores may do this, others may not.  Either way, it’s worth asking to see if you can save yourself some cash.  (Yes the one with the bigger geebeez.)
  • Data Service – If you are attempting to activate a DX right now, good luck.  They have had so many activations today that a backlog is currently hampering new devices from accessing data.

Online orders now being shipped 7/23…

And our first impressions coming up shortly!



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