More Details on Early Arriving DROID X

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When we broke the news yesterday that certain lucky Verizon customers were receiving Droid X’s early, we started hitting up our contacts to see what else we could find out.  With no pre-sale through Big Red, plus an order denial while calling customer service ourselves, the idea of customers still finding ways to order the Droid X before July 15th is mind-boggling.

So here is what we’ve got…

As you can see from Verizon inventory screenie above, one of their Memphis warehouses is stocked with well over 25,000 Droid X’s, but as you’ll also see, our source received an error when trying to order.  He also went as far as trying to find a SKU for the device as another work-around to ordering and again, no luck…

Apparently this has to be done over the phone with consumer sales or customer service because all of the stores we checked with had no luck.  We also received the following email from a reader who was successful…

I just called Verizon as a new customer and they accepted my preorder on a Droid X, stating once they get the SKU numbers they will order the equipment and ship it to me. As of right now that is set for 7/15/2010, but will contact me if they receive them sooner!

So what do you think?  Anyone else had any luck calling customer care?  If you did, what device do you currently have?  Our Texas tipster earlier was coming from a Blackberry, which could be another angle to take.

Might as well give them a call to see if you can become one of the lucky early X-ers, right?



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