New Verizon Commercial “Towers” Features DROID X

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The new Verizon ad campaign we told you about last week has officially taken off!  Featuring a new logo, new slogan and no Test Man, this new look was a much needed overhaul.  In VZW’s latest commercial, the new slogan of “Rule the Air” is in full force along with the inclusion of a device that we actually care about, the Droid X.

While I’m not about to go play-by-play over a commercial, I do want to point out some subtle hints that Big Red is dropping on viewers.

First of all, the young/petite girl in the spot clearly whips out her Droid X as she’s walking down the street checking into FourSquare from wherever she just was.  (Hello 20 somethings?)  What’s interesting though, is the camera purposely shows her pulling the 4.3″ beast out of the back pocket of her skinny jeans.  Yep, clearly they want you to realize this device may sound HUGE, but is manageable just like any other smartphone.

They also give you a nice shot of her hands with the device, which by no means looks too large for her to carry.  In fact, I drool every time I scroll up to see Mr. X in all his shiny glory.

Oh, and here is the new logo…

“Towers” commercial…



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