Rumor: (Updated) Verizon’s Big Sunday Meeting Means Name Change and No iPhone

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We just got a hot tip that corporate Verizon Wireless employees are in the middle of a meeting which is a pre-cursor to Sunday’s store closures.  You know, the store closures which never happen, but are happening in some areas today and throughout the rest of the company on Sunday.

So what’s the big news?  Name change and no iPhone baby.

From what sounds like a pretty amped up webcast, Verizon Wireless has announced that as of Monday, they will just be “Verizon” without the Wireless tag.  We were not given reasons as to the change, but it’s definitely coming.

Their new slogan will be “Verizon, Rule the Air!”

Update 10:03AM: We’re getting more info on the name change and it’s looking less like a permanent name change and more like an advertising adjustment.  What I mean by that is the “Wireless” tag will just be dropped in their new marketing campaign.  The thought is that the single word “Verizon” appears bigger and bolder than the 2-word combo of “Verizon Wireless.”  (Cheers Tabe)

Update 10:19AM: Engadget has snagged an image from the upcoming Verizon ad campaign which features the new “Rule the Air!” slogan…

And the second part of the meeting (and most important to us) was to announce that they will not be interested in the iPhone 4 (as of now) and are putting full effort behind Android and the new lineup of Droid devices.  From what I’ve gathered, the Droid X promo video that was shown at the launch was played again plus the announcement of an August release of the Droid 2.

They basically called it the “Summer of DROID.”

Lovin’ the sounds of Verizon backing away from iPhone rumors and sticking to the hottest mobile OS on the planet.



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