Android 2.2 Source Code Released

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We were all prepped to post this after hearing Andy Rubin announce the release of Froyo during his speech at the Droid X launch today, and then as many of you know, some troubling times were cast upon Droid Life.  Well, we’re back now and have pushed most of the Droid X goodies out of the way (for now) which will allow us to focus for a second on the next Android release.  It’s officially Android 2.2 time baby!  Yay!

With the source code now out in the wild, you can expect official Froyo ROMs to be hitting our Droids any day.  And so you know, Cyanogen and Koush are already on it.

For the full Froyo scoop, check out Tim Bray’s latest piece at the Android Developers blog.

Cheers to everyone for reminding me about this!



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