Verizon Waves Goodbye to DROID Eris, Incredible Next?

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In the screenie above, I’ve filtered Big Red’s site by smartphone>Android>HTC and you can clearly see that the Droid Eris has been removed.  In fact, you can search for Eris all over their site and find nothing but past support documents and accessories.  The Droid Eris has been officially put to bed.  Moment of silence please.  OK, moving on…

Now, this is a pretty nasty rumor to get started, but after seeing the Verizon closeout/phaseout list which floated around over the weekend featuring the Droid Incredible, we’re starting to think it may have been the real deal.

What has me concerned about the Incredible is the fact that the Eris was on that list as well as the Blackberry Tour which is now set to “Out of Stock” and appears to have been replaced by the Blackberry Bold.  Yikes.

Oh and I’m not buying the SKU change for new packaging idea; that already happened.

Update: It is possible that the Incredible has landed on a closeout list because they are rumored to be switching to LCD screens over the AMOLED screens made by Samsung.  Check out all the info here.

Any Incredible owners out there annoyed/frustrated/confused/completely pissed off yet?

Cheers Dave!



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