iPod Dock Hacked to Work with Motorola Droid

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Can you imagine a world that doesn’t require a different docking station for every single one of your media devices?  The picture you are seeing above is an attempt to change that world and is the work of one Thijs Bosschert, on his journey to make a universal iPod docking option for the Motorola Droid.

Check out the mockup of his idea…

The finished product…

The result…

When the Motorola Milestone is connected to the adapter it will go into multimedia docking mode right away and start charging. After connecting the audio cable to the headphone connector it will output its audio to the dock as well. The Motorola Milestone is standing solid on the adapter and works great.

To follow along throughout his entire thought process from initial idea to finished product, check out the source link below.  I highly recommend you nerd out for a minute and read through the whole thing.  While most of the verbiage is beyond my technical knowledge, it’s pretty fascinating stuff.

Who wants one?  (Me! Me!)

Source: Thice


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