Motorola Droid Takes Down Nexus One, EVO, Incredible in Graphics Battle

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Using an app from GLBenchmark, the guys over at Android and Me have taken the 4 big dogs of the Android world and matched them up in a head-to-head battle over graphics performance.  When I say the big dogs, I mean the EVO 4G, Nexus One, Droid Incredible and the 7 month old Motorola Droid.  Who wins?  Your Motorola Droid of course.  Even with a meager 550MHz processor and just 256MB of RAM, our baby is still the best thanks to a fantastic GPU that HTC products can’t seem to compete with.

Video action:

So if the original Droid can still hang with the best of them, what about the Droid 2 and Xtreme that should be out next month?  Can you say, “Moto Takeover”?

Oh and feel free to download the GL Benchmark app and run your own tests.  Let’s see what kind of scores we can put up with our new Froyo Droids!

Cheers Wade!


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