Adobe’s Flash Showcase, the One Stop Flash Shop

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When Android 2.2 finally became semi-available to the Motorola Droid, one of the first posts we did included the apk for the Flash 10.1 beta.  This is one of those apps/plugins that has had almost as much hype as Froyo and was supposed to change the way we used our mobile browsers forever.  Remember?  Well, right after we all got it up and running, many of us said to ourselves, “OK, what now?  What sites can I use this on?  Hulu hates us, so….”

Guess what?  Adobe already has us covered.  They’ve released the Adobe Flash Showcase which gives you a listing of the top mobile Flash enhanced sites so that you can take full advantage of your new toy.

Check out the Adobe Flash Showcase here.

Cheers Rodney!



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