Thursday Poll: Upgrade to the Droid 2?

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There seems to be a little angst toward the release of the Droid Incredible from a few Motorola Droid users and I’m not exactly sure where it is coming from. It does however, leave me semi-interested in the response that will be generated from the Motorola Droid 2 which could drop in the next couple of months.  Will you drop your current Moto Droid for version 2 or stick by the old dog?  Let me have it.

Oh, and trust me when I say that the ugly white/black device with the hand strap is not the Shadow or the Droid 2.  And my sources also tell me that these are 2 separate devices rather than the same one that many sites continue to report falsely on.

First, I want to know if you’ll be getting one…



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