Buy Android Apps with Paypal Account?

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We could be just a few weeks away from removing credit cards from Google Checkout and attaching Paypal accounts to the Android Market on our smartphones for future purchases of apps.  The Next Web is reporting that one of Paypal’s managers made the announcement at the end of last week during a conference in Amsterdam.

Android users will also be able to use Paypal as a payment method in the Android Market, adding an alternative to Google Checkout transactions.

At the time of writing there are very few details explaining how Paypal’s surprising new service will work. It seems incredible that Paypal have managed to gain approval from both Apple and Google to provide a payment method that directly competes with proprietary services on both Android and iPhone devices.

There has been no official confirmation from Paypal at this time with a release date of any sort for Android, but the rumors floating around keep saying “2Q 2010.”  The iPhone deal sounds much more realistic and you can find all sorts of information leaning their direction, so stay tuned for Android news.

While this doesn’t effect me all that much,  I know that many Android users have long awaited this day.

Excited to hear this news?

Source:  The Next Web


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