Friday Custom Theme: KrazyKrivda’s DarkSE 24K

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Was that not the quickest week ever?  Hard to believe that it’s already Friday, but as you know from last week, it’s custom theme day!  And how about some gold spice to take us into the weekend?

Theme: KrazyKrivda’s DarkSE 24K

Installation instructions…

1. Open ROM Manager.
2. Download ROM>KrazyKrivda>DarkSE 24K for CM
3.  No need to “wipe data and cache” if coming from another ROM.
4.  Perform a backup in case you don’t like the gold look.
5.  Enjoy!

For support with this theme, check out this running forum thread.  You can also download the theme there and apply via MetaMorph if you do not have ROM Manager Premium.

Issues?  Drop them below!



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