Testers Needed: Rooting 2.1 Possibility

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UPDATE 6:59AM 4/15: There are 2 update.zips you can try.  People have not had much success with either, so I suggest just moving on to installing a custom ROM via SPRecovery.

Late yesterday, I posted the video on how to flash the SPRecovery_ESE81.sbf in order to replace the stock recovery on your unrooted Droid with SPRecovery.  And I have a video and post ready to be published for today which will take you through the steps on how to install a custom ROM and get you to rooted 2.1, but we may now have an easier way to get there.


We’ve got a new update.zip from Koush that should give you all root access without having to flash a ROM. Only those that feel pretty comfortable should do this as if it doesn’t apply correctly, you may have to flash the SPRecovery SBF file again.  So if you are up for it and would be so kind as to let us all know the outcome, here we go.

*Note 1* – This is only for those of you that followed the SPRecovery SBF video from yesterday and are waiting for the next step.

*Note 2* – If you followed that second video I have on Youtube on how to install a custom ROM, then DON’T DO THIS. I need people that are sitting at stock 2.1 with SPRecovery to try this.

*Note 3* – This should only be attempted in SPRECOVERY!


1.  Download this file to your SD card:  update.zip (via Koush)

1a.  If that file doesn’t work, try the same process again with this one:  update.zip

2.  Place it in the root of your SD card.
3.  Reboot into recovery (holding power + x).
4.  Navigate to “install.”
5.  Choose “Allow update.zip installation”.
6.  Choose “Install /sdcard/update.zip (deprecated)”.
7.  Reboot.
8.  Open your app drawer and check for the super user ninja.
9.  Download and open ROM Manager and attempt to flash ClockworkMod Recovery.  If it fails, try it a couple more times.

*Note 4* – If you flash ClockworkMod Recovery and it fails the first time, make sure to check always “allow” and run it a few more times before giving up.



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