Waiting for DroidMod to Root 2.1? Stop Now.

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The question of the month is hands down, “When will 2.1 be rooted?” and unfortunately we have no idea.  In fact, after the make-shift 2.1 root was put together last week, I was pretty worried that we may never see a true root exploit for 2.1.  Why would anyone who deals with rooted devices or custom ROMs need to waste their time looking to root when they already have it?

Those same thoughts were echoed from the DroidMod team yesterday…

Many people have been asking when 2.1 will receive a “proper” root exploit. The answer is probably never. This is not because we believe it is impossible, but is simply due to the fact that the phone already has been rooted. It would be nonsensical for any developer to waste their time working on this when there is already a way to root the phone.

To anyone who is waiting around for DMUpdater to be able to root 2.1: You’re waiting for something that will never come. No one is working on this, and no one will.

Now, just because DroidMod is not looking to root 2.1 doesn’t mean that someone else isn’t still working on it.  Stay tuned.


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