iPhone OS 4.0 is Underwhelming

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Yes, Apple had a little party today.  Did anyone leave the event blown away?  Only Apple lovers.  As an Android supporter, I listened and watched the updates fly across the interwebs and not once did I say, “Whoa!  Game changer baby!”  That officially makes 2 Apple pressers in a row which left most people simply shrugging.  First we had the iPad event where anyone with an ounce of intelligence said, “Um, no camera, no multi-tasking and AT&T? Really?”  And now we’ve got iPhone OS 4.0 which introduced features that have been on the mobile market for, well, months if not years.

Multi-tasking: Umm, does this need comment? Is it even true multi-tasking?  Someone chime in with a “Droid Does!”

Unified email inbox: Hello Blackberry?

Folders: Seriously, the ability to create a folder is worth announcing?

iBooks: I know the online book market is big, but nothing new, nothing groundbreaking.

iAd: What end-user cares about an ad platform?

Game Center: Ok +1 there.

Feels pretty good to have been using a device for almost 6 months now that’s been able to do pretty much everything that Apple announced today.  And Android just woke up from a nap.

Thoughts anyone?


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