Video: Unboxing an EzeStand

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You know it’s going to be a good day when you open your front door and find a package sitting there screaming, “I’m a Droid toy!  Open me!”  And that’s exactly what happened today.  The boys at ezeStand were kind enough to let us check out their sweet alternative Motorola Droid docking stand.  At the slim price of $12.99 with free shipping, you shouldn’t even consider the one Verizon is selling any longer.

Video ezeStand action…

And as promised, here is the link to the 2.1 Desk Clock which will make your ezeStand experience that much prettier.

Update: That sweet USB cable in my box does not ship with the $12.99 version.  You can purchase one from $1.99 to $3.99 though depending on the type.

Check ’em out if you need an affordable docking station.  Seriously, buy 2 if you want; still cheaper than one VZW version.

And one last “Thanks!” to them for sponsoring our March Madness Challenge.  Thanks guys!



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