2.1 Updates Rolling in from Everywhere!

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When Motorola finally announced the rollout of the update, they put a “few weeks” timeline on it which had those willing to wait, feeling a little left out. And then I woke up today and had messages from a whole bunch of you who have apparently received the update notification!  It sounds like most of the updates came across late last night, and from what I can tell, seem to be directed more towards the western half of the U.S.

Update 8:43AM 4/2: Updates now coming in from just about everywhere.  Sweet!

Here are some of the messages…

@Macupbytor: I got the 2.1 update for my droid too ..all the way in Montana!!

@XZ3R0: my bro got OTA at 2am, 4-2-10. I’m happy Google provided a manual update this time!

@mike5cents: FYI: Got the android 2.1 update here in san antonio!

@erikbond: Got my #Android 2.1 upgrade this morning! Running HelixLauncher with it, works great.

CyranoJones – Im in Wisconsin…got mine

Our first east coasters!

Crvtte65 – Got mine in MA this morning

Disco Monkey – Got the update this morning in Georgia.

tsis – got it last night just after midnight, poughkeepsie, ny

Where else do we have people receiving updates?  Let’s try to pin down the rollout, shall we?


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