Video: Review of the Official Motorola Droid 2.1 Update

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And we finally had a minute to break away from all of the Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid chaos and bring you a quick video review.  Hopefully this little piece gives you fence-sitters and scaredy-cats an idea of what you can expect to see if you should choose to go this route and apply the update.

Video action: (Give it time to process, we got HD here people.)

Overall impressions:

  • Expectations? It is exactly what I expected.  There were no surprises at all.  We knew we were getting multi-touch and live wallpapers and those are definitely included.
  • Speed? Is it super-duper fast now?  It’s as fast as it’s always been.  There is still minor lag when flipping between screens and using the launcher so it’s not faster by any means.   It’s definitely still smooth though.
  • Will it satisfy everyone? It will likely more than satisfy your average Droid user.  You know, the user who doesn’t even know what a custom ROM or kernel is.  Can you imagine some guy/gal waking up today with live wallpapers and having never seen them before?  They’d probably go nuts!  On the flip side, to those of you who consider yourself a little more advanced, you might come away with a simple shoulder shrug.  It’s not like this has been a downgrade, but we have all played with the new apps and seen live wallpapers and pushed the speed of the device to the max.
  • Best part? The best part is that the update is finally here with fully working 2.1 apps.  The stock 2.0.1 was such a bland build compared to this one that it brings a little smile to my face to know that it is now here.  No more force closes or random reboots, just a whole ton of stability.
  • What’s next? Who wants to start the “Where is 2.2?!?!?!” thread.  🙂

Now I know you have been commenting all day with your thoughts on the update, but why don’t you just give me your single favorite thing about the new build.  Keep it short.  Just one sentence.


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