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Time for another Droid Life update!  Well not a major one, but more of an introduction opportunity for some of the people that are now helping us out here at DL.  Over the last week, we’ve added 2 more comment moderators and a part time contributor.  (Crazy huh?)

Please give a warm welcome to Matt D., our new part time contributor from up north (Yes, Canada).  You may have noticed his post from an hour or so ago informing all of you Milestone users that paid apps are now available in the market. (Well, almost all of you.)  Matt will become our official Milestone guru meaning he’ll have to cover topics for, well, the rest of the entire world.  Good luck!

Also shell out a big hug to our 2 new comment moderators:  Izzy and Endi.  You have probably seen a ton of these 2 in recent posts as they have been helping out dozens of readers with the installation of custom ROMs and other technical issues.  They will continue on with their excellent work just now with more power!

And to finish this off, how about a couple of reminders?

1.  When commenting, if you see something that really stands out as a great answer or response, make sure to hit the “Like it” button!  It’ll pop that comment up to the top of the comments for new readers to see immediately instead of having to filter through.

2.  Our “Downloads” section is still alive!  If you need any of the files that have been posted on this site, remember to look their first.

3.  Our GrafiXpressions contest ends this Friday!

4.  Don’t forget to join our March Madness Bracket Challenge!

5.  And keep on bringing the comments and discussions!  Most posts are easily hitting 50 comments these days and I’m loving it.  I seriously learn about a new trick or app from readers just about every day.

Thanks again everyone!


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