Telus Motorola Milestone has Been Rooted

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According to a thread over at Alldroid, the Motorola Milestone on Telus has finally been rooted.  Yay Canada!  The process laid out in that post is definitely not something simple and includes using RSD Lite and flashing the Brazilian 2.0.1 file onto your phone and then installing the root file.  Pretty invasive, but apparently works just fine.

*Warning* – This is definitely not something I would recommend as there is no stock 2.0.1 SBF listed there to revert back to.  This process is also about as invasive and risky as it gets for a phone.  I have not tried this process nor am I suggesting that you even do it.  If you choose to do so, you are doing so at your own risk and I will not be held responsible.  And for those of you that are risk takers, have fun!

Files needed… Root file

-There are 3 other files you’ll need which you can get from Alldroid.

Steps to rooting…

Flashing Brazilian 2.0.1 SBF:

Step 1: Install RSDLite and the drivers *for your OS ABOVE*
Step 2: Unzip the Brazilian SBF
Step 3: Run RSD ::RUN AS ADMIN, rightclick on the file and click run as admin::
Step 4: Shutdown your phone, connect it to the USB and boot holding the volume up and the camera buttons+power ::at the same time for 5 seconds::
if it boots up regular, just pull the battery and try again
Step 5: in RDSlite Click on the “…” next to the file name and browse to the sbf file, select the SBF.
Step 6: Hit START then wait, your phone will reboot during this prossess dont worry if it shuts off.
Step 7: after its done phone should boot up and look like normal no file/data loss.


Step 1: Rename to and copy it to the root of your SDcard.
Step 2: Turn off the phone
Step 3: With camera and power button pressed and hold, boot the phone. you will see a /\, at this point slide the phone open and press CAMERA+Volume Up till you get
a menu.
Step 4: With DPad select apply
Step 5: reboot phone and you will have SuperUser Whitelist amung other root goodies

So if any of our Canadian users actually try this, let me know how it goes.


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