verizon’s droid page says "new" software update?

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update 6:27pm:  reports coming in from numerous droid users that this has been on the site since december and is likely just referring to the 2.0.1 update.  i guess anything gets us excited these days.  apologies for the false hope!
after seeing the release that went out to employees of verizon on the 2.1 ota update and now seeing this, you have to figure we should see our motorola droid notification to upgrade at any time.

here is a zoomed in version…

the link to the software update only takes you to the old 2.0.1 update page, but you can definitely feel the heat.

And if anyone can find out if that has been saying “new” since the 2.0.1 release, I’d love to know.  I cached it back to 2/10 and it was still there.  has this been there all along?

Cheers @davidtaylorjr!


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