nexus one / sense ui style 2.1 launcher for motorola droid

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while we continue to wait for android 2.1 to be sent from verizon over to our droid devices, we have another launcher for you to play with and kill some time.  this new launcher is essentially the nexus one 2.1 launcher we posted before but has the look of htc’s sense ui.  the creators (xeodoxus) have also fixed a couple of the bugs, made it run a little smoother and overall made it feel just a little more stable.

check it…

update:  after doing the video, i realized that you can long press and get your 5 mini-cards for shortcuts to screens.  if you long press on the browser or phone buttons, you will get these.

update 2:  after more testing we’re running into some of the same force closes as the previous launcher.  we also have a report of a phone unable to restart after installing this launcher.  please install at your own risk.

instructions for installation…

1.  go into settings -> applications and check the “unknown sources” box.
2.  visit this post from your phone’s browser.
3.  tap and download this file onto your phone:  Launcher2-app.apk   (alt link)
4.  tap on the downloaded application once it has finished.
5.  install it and tap your “home” button when installation has completed.
6.  you can check “default” and then select “launcher” to set it.

(cheers once again

the rest of the android 2.1 apps you need:

1.  nexus one / sense ui launcher
2.  new eclair gallery with multi-touch
3.  genie news and weather 2.1
4.  launcher 2.1
5.  music app 2.1
6.  clock app 2.1
7.  flan gallery 2.1


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