motorola/verizon document leaked? 2.1 update next week?

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the following document should be taken for what it is:  a random internet pdf that looks like a quickly tossed together powerpoint slide that just about anyone with a cheap photo editing program could have made.  with that said, a handful of people have confirmed that this looks fairly similar to previously leaked documents from verizon.

you be the judge…

no date, a half-dozen fonts, random pictures and a couple of company logos in no way legitimizes this document.  is it a leaked spec sheet that will be handed out to verizon salespeople for the coming week or is this from some guy in a basement with way too much time on his hands?

obviously we’re getting closer to our 2.1 update with the release of google maps 3.4 yesterday and then the news blip from pc magazine on google releasing “android 2.1 – update 1” to all android manufactuers.


update 10:32am (2/6):

i took a quick look over the document last night to see if there were any blatant errors and somehow missed the onboard memory of “250mb” when we all know it has 256mb. cheers @techdave1992 for the catch. fake? more than likely.

update 11:30am (2/6):

since we love rumors, we’ll make sure you all saw this comment – “It’s supposed to drop Feb. 10. I was at a Verizon event and was told this by a motorola rep.”


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