multi-touch google maps 3.4 available in market!

motorola droid users, prepare yourself to no longer feel like the stepchild of the android community. google maps 3.4 with pinch-to-zoom has been released in the market!

(that’s a QR code by the way. scan with Barcode Scanner.)

while the listing in the market doesn’t reference “pinch-to-zoom” it definitely has it.  also has the new labs goodies and updated navigation.

if they are giving us multi-touch, you’ve got to really start believing that the 2.1 update is right around teh corner.  rejoice motorola droid users!  (insert beer emoticon)

multi-touch 3d gallery

the new gallery with pinch-to-zoom has not been released yet so make sure to download the ported version we posted the other day.



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