multi-touch coming to droid? motorola and google weigh in

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motorola and google have both confirmed that multi-touch will be available on the motorola droid, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we are guaranteed to have it with the next update.  what does that mean?  it’s all up to verizon my friends.

motorola’s answer…

While designing DROID, and all Motorola mobile devices, Motorola work very closely with carriers and partners to deliver differentiated consumer experiences, depending on the region, carrier preferences and consumer needs. DROID features double tap zoom, a new way to zoom in on content. For example, when viewing web pages, simply tap twice on the content you want to view and DROID automatically zooms in and fits the content to the width of the display. You can also zoom in and out with on screen zoom controls.

and google with pretty much the same response…

The Android 2.0 framework includes support for multi-touch. As with other Android platform technologies, such as the text-to-speech engine, operators and handset makers can choose to implement this technology. Regarding the specific pinch-to-zoom functionality included in this new update, once we make this software update (2.1-update1) available to operators and handset makers, they can update their Android-powered devices accordingly.

so is that good news or bad news?  well good news that we essentially already knew.  bad news in the sense that verizon takes forever to do anything and will probably be arguing over multi-touch in some large conference room for the next 6 months all the while delaying our 2.1 update.  yay!

(via android central)


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