slow running motorola droid?

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we keep hearing about people’s issues with either a slow running droid or a battery draining droid.  we wrote and gave a tutorial on an application called advanced task killer just a week ago to show many of you how to help save battery drain during the night.

well we wanted to bring you another application which is also free that we’ve switched to over the last week.  it’s called advanced task manager (big difference eh?), is free, and seems to come with a ton more options than the free version of advanced task killer.

not only does it show you the applications you have running in the background, but it gives you all the processes you have running and which items in your system directory that are taking up memory.  pretty fantastic right?

with the battery drain and slow phone news breaking all over the place, there have been a barrage of new app killing apps out there, but we suggest advanced task manager first, since it’s free.


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