motorola droid mounting issue? quick tutorial / hack

if you’ve been having continued trouble mounting your motorola droid to your windows xp or vista machine, then check out this quick tutorial.  it seems to be helping quite a few people…

For me, I have to leave USB debugging turned on all the time.  I have to plug in my
Droid (Motorola), bring down the notification bar, tap on the USB connection, click
mount, then see things not work.  At this point, I go into Device Manager, uninstall
three things: 1) ADB Debugging device, Motorola A855 device, and the only connected
USB Mass Storage Device.  Next I disconnect my Droid, reconnect it, then bring down
the notification bar, tap on the USB connection, click mount, and it works.

I have to go through the connect, uninstall devices (x3), reconnect, mount process
each time and this works without fail.  Simply turning on/off USB debugging does
nothing for me.

Keep in mind, my computer sees the phone’s SD card, it simply refuses to mount the
SD card without the uninstall/reconnect option I’v described above.  When I
say “Sees the phone’s SD card” I mean that the SD card shows as a drive (i.e. F:
drive) but refuses to let me open it even after clicking Mount under the
notification bar.  Only after the uninstall/reconnection option I’ve described above
can I click Mount under the notification bar and see the drive (i.e. F: drive) and
see the drive become active (not grayed out) and see it’s size and contents.

let me know if you have any questions!


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