first droid battery drain last night

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went to bed with 2/3 of a battery and woke up this morning with a dead phone. at first i thought it was just a screen freeze up, but then after turning it back on realized i had 2% of my battery left.

as you can see from this forum post, battery drain has become quite the topic.

as a point of reference, i do not turn my phone off at night and just leave it in standby mode. still, dropping from 60-70% to a dead phone in about 6 hours with just syncing and background stuff working is quite a drain.

one quick tip:  before going to bed, use the app “advanced task killer” and kill off any running apps before shutting those eyes for the night.  this might eliminate all those unauthorized background tasks from killing your phone.

anyone else with battery drain issue?  any fixes besides turning off my background tasks?


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