Droid Life Starts Now…

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I finally picked up my new Motorola Droid on Thursday, November 12th and I’ve been absolutely addicted ever since. I’ve seen all of the iPhone 3GS comparison videos, read the reports, laughed at them all and couldn’t care less what these supposed experts have vomited. This phone is one of the top 3 phones on the entire market right now and if you are stuck with Verizon, then you should have this phone.

There is zero point in arguing the differences between a 3rd generation iPhone and a first generation Droid. All I care about is the absolute unique functionality and the fact that the coverage I get is never non-existent, which is something iPhone users will never be able to say while the Apple contract sticks with AT&T.

So join along while I bring you my experiences with this fantastic new piece of technology. It’ll definitely be fun…

Edit:  This post was edited to not look like complete amateur, 2009 garbage.



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