Beta Version of Utter! Released to Play Store, Most Powerful Voice Actions App to Date?

Utter!, a voice actions Android app that we covered months ago, went into beta today, and then entered the Google Play store. While we normally roll our eyes at the never-ending string of Siri knock-off style apps that have come to our favorite mobile platform, Utter! is quite different. It’s creator had one focus – to make Utter! “super functional and fast.”  (more…)

New Google TV Update Introduces Voice Search to Your TV, PrimeTime Guide to Easily Find Content

The Google TV teamed announced that new update is headed to GTV units in the near future. The update is the first to introduce Voice Search to Google TV, allowing you to easily switch channels by speaking their names, find how-to videos on YouTube, or even search for general terms like “football highlights.” They also updated their content-finding system and are calling it PrimeTime. With this new version, you can sort through recommended or favorite movie and TV titles without having to leave your current show. No longer do you have to sift through pages and pages of content while missing what you were already watching. And last, the new YouTube app update that was released yesterday, makes syncing videos between your mobile device and TV easier than ever.

The update will rollout to LG devices this week. The rest of the lot won’t see the update for a bit. The Logitech Revue and original Sony GTV devices will likely not see Voice Search.  (more…)

iOS to Get Advanced Google Voice Search in Coming Days, Still Nothing for Android Users Below Jelly Bean

Google announced today that they are planning to release a new Google Search app for iOS that carries the advanced voice tech used (our first look) in the current build built into Jelly Bean (Android 4.1). While this is great news for iOS users, we can’t help but ask, “What about everyone else with an Android device that isn’t yet running Jelly Bean?” We don’t have an answer to that question at all, and that’s unfortunate. You would think that Google would take care of their own before moving onto another platform, but then again, as a search company, it makes sense for them to expand to such a massive platform. But then again, again, the advanced Voice Search in Jelly Bean was one of the major selling points for people to consider over an iOS device.  (more…)

Video: Another 20 Examples of the Power of Google’s New Voice Search


On Tuesday, a new Jelly Bean user took to YouTube to show off the power of Google’s new Voice Search. During the video, he highlighted at least 40 different questions that were all given direct card answers to. After the video blew up the internet, he received another 20 or so tips from commenters and decided to make a follow-up. This time, he goes into pretty specific stuff and Voice Search still manages to answer via card. Oh, and wait until the end when you get to indoor street view using compass mode. Mind officially blown.

Cheers Cheese!

Video: 40+ Questions to Test Out Google’s New Voice Search


Looking for some questions to test out the new Voice Search? Maybe you just want to impress some of your non-Jelly Bean friends? A gentleman recently posted a video to YouTube which gives 47 examples of what kind of questions or phrases you can use to get the most out of the new Voice Search. We hope you learn a few new ones.

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Video: Siri vs. New Google Voice Search

At the Google I/O keynote from day 1 (watch it here at the 20:00 minute mark), the Android team took the wraps off a new product called Google Now that was powered by a new version of Voice Search (our hands-on). During the demo of it, we were all impressed by the beautiful new UI, answer cards with relevant info, and accuracy. To call this a giant step forward in voice searching, might even be an understatement.

Naturally, people were quick to compare this to Apple’s Siri since it gets all of the play these days in the voice search category. We argued that Siri isn’t even on the same level since Google Now actually predicts your life rather than forcing you to ask things of it all of the time, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in a good battle between the two. So speaking of battles, who wants to see one?  (more…)

Video: First Look at the New Google Voice Search and Google Now in Jelly Bean


If you watched the Google I/O keynote from today, then you were probably as blown away as we were with their new Voice Search and Google Now offerings. The Voice Search now responds back to you, provides you with cards that have direct results for what you were looking for, and eventually learns your search patterns so that current and relevant information is always ready.

After spending a few minutes with it, we can easily say that we are impressed. It returned exactly what we were looking for, with the majority of searches coming via cards that are visually appealing. As this new Google Now and Voice Search continues to grow, this may be very useful. Unfortunately for most, this is a Jelly Bean feature that you may not see for a while. (more…)

Thursday Poll: Is Having Better Voice Integration on Your Phone Important to You?

With the announcement of the iPhone 4S and its Siri voice-integration followed by a couple of rumors that Google with introduce a similar service with Ice Cream Sandwich, we got to wondering how many people are actually interested in this type of software. Android has had Voice Actions for over a year now, but there have been other more advanced options on the market for just as long that don’t seem to get all that much love. With the unveiling of Siri, it seems like now this is the new cool thing because, well, Apple announced it. I personally have used Voice Actions or speech-to-text only when reviewing a service that has them and never in a real life situation other than to show it off as a cool feature to friends or family. I sort of get the feeling that I’m the minority.

Do I need to get with the times? Are highly-advanced voice-integrated services and apps the way of the future? Or are they the next gimmick like 3D on smartphones? Do we really have to watch the world walk around our streets talking to their phones as if they were a personal assistant? Maybe.

Is Having Better Voice Integration on Your Phone Important to You?

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