Software Enhancements Seen on Galaxy S4 Will Come to Galaxy S3 and Note 2

Galaxy S4

If you caught yesterday’s Unpacked event from Samsung, you noticed they took plenty of time to show off a lot of interesting new software features that will come baked into the Galaxy S4. In a recent interview, Samsung’s VP of Portfolio Planning confirmed that a lot of the software enhancements that we saw yesterday would make their way to Samsung’s other flagship devices, as long as they are not hardware dependent.  (more…)

Video Overview: Samsung Galaxy S4 Hardware, Software Tour and Gallery

S4 overview

We finally have our hands on the new Galaxy S4 from Samsung. In this video, Kellex gives us his customary first impressions and software tour of the device. With the S4 running that same TouchWiz UI, but with Android 4.2.2 underneath and a ton of new proprietary software, this phone looks to be a major improvement over last year’s Galaxy S3.

For the full device gallery and software video overview, check below.

Update:  Added hardware tour as well.  (more…)

First Galaxy S4 Screenshots Show Off Specs, New TouchWiz Smart Features, and More


This morning, we have two sets of screenshots to discuss, both of which hint at some of the new features and specs we may see when Samsung unveils the new Galaxy S4 on March 14. The first set that arrived was thought to be from the new Galaxy, but later debunked to simply be from a leaked Android 4.2.1 ROM for the Galaxy S3. The second set may actually be from the device, as a couple of the screenshots reveal specs that match up to what has previously been rumored, yet are also not found in any current Samsung phone.  (more…)

TouchWiz Has a Major Security Flaw that Allows Factory Resets With Just One Click (Updated)

Concerning news this morning for any Samsung owner who is running TouchWiz on their phone. A little slice of HTML code was found that when clicked, can reset the Galaxy SII instantly to factory settings. The factory reset could also be triggered by a QR code or via NFC. The culprit seems to be the TouchWiz skin that Samsung has stuck by on top of Android. When this malicious code is triggered through a device, it pops up the dialer which then automatically activates a factory reset code, causing the phone to wipe itslef with no option for stoppage.

So far, The Verge has been able to replicate the exploit on the Galaxy SII and the AT&T version of the Galaxy SIII. Samsung is apparently “looking into” the exploit but there doesn’t seem to be a way to fix this quite yet. The only advice we have is don’t install any fishy-looking applications, click any weird HTML links, scan random QR codes, or touch NFC tags that you haven’t set up yourself until we hear more word. We’ll keep you updated if we hear more.

Update:  Reports are coming in now that this is an Android issue that was patched long ago, but may still affect handsets not running the most current versions of Android. In theory, this vulnerability could be exploited on any older version of Android, probably pre-Ice Cream Sandwich. Thankfully, a number of updates to a handful of devices over the last few weeks likely closed up this gap, including ones to the Galaxy S3.

Via: The Verge

Developer Successfully Ports Official T-Mobile Jelly Bean Build to Verizon Galaxy S3

Is there anything those developers can’t do? Well, besides truly unlock the DROID X’s bootloader? Let us all take a second and be thankful that device is water under the bridge.

Recently, a developer successfully ported a leaked TouchWiz Jelly Bean build from the T-Mobile Galaxy S3 to the Galaxy S3 on Verizon. With working 4G data, camera, and almost everything else, if you’re the hacking and modding type, then this could definitely be your daily driver until Verizon and Samsung are ready to make their version available to the masses.

Your device will need to be unlocked and rooted, but the methods for installation aren’t very difficult past that point. If you would like to download and see instructions for installation, simply follow the via link down below.

Via: XDA

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Video: Official TouchWiz’d Jelly Bean Leaked, Up and Running on Samsung Galaxy SIII

An official build of Jelly Bean for the international Samsung Galaxy S3 variant has leaked and a user has posted up a beautiful video going over the build in great detail. Although, you may want to brush up on some of your high school Spanish notes. From what we see so far in the video, Samsung has allowed for only a little of Jelly Bean to show through in terms of UI and have stuck to their TouchWiz UI look.  (more…)

Video: Samsung Galaxy S3 TouchWiz Overview


Samsung has made some major changes to its TouchWiz UI through the Galaxy S3. In fact, they made so many, that it took a 26-minute video from us to touch on about half of them. The video is below and includes a tour of the camera, S Voice, UI customizations, and more. If you were looking for a more detailed video of this latest custom skin from Sammy, you may not find one elsewhere. This video was also posted in our full Galaxy S3 review, in case you missed it. (more…)

If You had to Choose a Skin for Android, Which would It be?

YouTube Preview Image

This video from the folks at The Verge that is floating around today, is simply put, hilarious. During the clip from their podcast, they interview a guy who goes by the name “Big Poppa Joe” and claims to be the biggest Samsung TouchWiz fan on Earth. Yeah, you may need to read that again. Someone who admits publicly to loving TouchWiz. He may just be a brilliant troll, but if you needed a good laugh as we head into the weekend, this one is worth a watch.

With that said, we would love to hear your thoughts on the rest of the OEM skins out there. I’m curious to know which you would choose if there was no other choice but to have a skin. Stock Android is gone for good, which skin would you choose and why? HTC’s Sense, Motorola’s Blur, Samsung’s TouchWiz or something else?

As of today, I would go with Blur. While it was complete garbage for a a year or two there, the latest version is not all that bad (assuming you like the color blue). With its built in MotoCast software, semi-customizable launcher, gradually improving camera software, and new lockscreen, it’s not half bad. My opinion may quickly change on this once I get my hands on the HTC One X and see Sense 4.0, but until then, as surprising as it may sound, I would go Blur.