Temple Run Hits 10 Million Downloads in 3 Weeks, Adds Twitter Integration and Other Bug Fixes

According to the Play Store page for Temple Run, the hit iOS game has already become a massive hit on Android as well, amassing 10 million downloads in just over 3 weeks. Through those first few weeks, we have seen a number of updates to address bug fixes, but today, we get new functionality. Twitter sharing of scores has been added, taking your runs public. Ready to challenge your friends?

For fun, why don’t we all toss out our top scores in the comments. Mine is a meager 1,254,633 at 7,142m and 3,256 coins.

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Temple Run for Android Updated, Fixes Crash Issues and Adds Support for the DROID RAZR and Bionic

The newest smash hit game on Android named Temple Run, has finally received an update to fix some major issues that have plagued it since release. There was one nasty bug that made the app freeze up and close whenever you went to restart the game, which was quiet annoying. On an even better note, they have also added support for the DROID Bionic and DROID RAZR devices.

Go grab it and let us know if all the kinks have been worked out.

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Tip: Sick of Temple Run Crashing, Try Using the “Back” Button Instead of “Run Again”

We know that you are feverishly playing Temple Run today as it was released on Android only a few hours ago, but we also know that many of you are running into the same crashing issues that we are. If you time a jump wrong, forget to slide under a fire, or are eaten by a crocodile, your first reaction is probably to press the “Run Again” button. As one of our readers points out, pressing the “Back” button on your phone seems to be a much more stable option. It’s not flawless, but I was able to rattle off a dozen or so games without it crashing by using this little trick. And at least it’s something to tide us over while Imangi works out some of these initial launch bugs.

Cheers @NorCalDroid!

Temple Run Not Available to the RAZR and Bionic, Imangi “Hopes” to Make It Available in the “Future”

Temple Run was finally released on Android last night, but unfortunately, those with a RAZR or Bionic were left out of the fun. We reached out to Imangi Studios’ PR to see what the status was on bringing support to these phones and were told that they “hope to be available on those devices in the future.” They did not have a specific time frame to give us.

We are trying to figure out how the DROID 4 got the thumbs up though, when it runs essentially the same chipset as those two phones? Also, we see that the LG Spectrum, Galaxy SII, XOOM, and Tegra 3-powered Transformer Prime are all supported with their varying range of processors and screens. Someone fire up the “fragmentation!” engines…

Previously Thought to be Released Sometime This Month, Temple Run is Not Ready for Android Yet

Another update from the Temple Run team on Facebook has some people raging a bit more this Monday. Unfortunately, back in January, Temple Run was said to be ready for launch this month, but over the weekend, hopes have been crushed. The Temple Run team states that they want to make sure the experience users receive is flawless, so we can understand why they’re taking their time. According to their statement on Facebook, they are actually in beta testing right now, so we shouldn’t have too much longer to wait. In the mean time, prepare your torches and pitchforks until we have an official release date.

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