Deal: Score 12 Great Disney Titles for Just $0.49 Each on Google Play

Joining in on the huge amount of sales taking place on Google Play, Disney has discounted most of their popular games to just $0.49. Disney has worked with Google to pen what appears to be an exclusive deal, breaking free of the minimum paid app price of $0.99, and we sure aren’t complaining. You’ll find popular games like Temple Run: Oz, Where’s My Water?, and JellyCar 3, to name a few.

The apps on sale for this discounted price can be found below.  (more…)

Disney Launches Temple Run: Oz, Keep Your Eyes on the Yellow Brick Road


To help promote the upcoming Oz movie, Disney released another themed Temple Run game, much like they did to help bring attention to Brave. Temple Run: Oz happens to look much better though, as you travel through environments that look very lively, as well as flying through the air in that famous hot air balloon. Other than the looks, it is your basic Temple Run title with swiping up/down and left/right action.  (more…)

Temple Run 2 Comes to Android Next Week

temple run1

That’s right, a sequel to Temple Run is finished and should be released on Android next Thursday. Dubbed Temple Run 2 (so clever), the new game has been built from the ground up, contains the same simple controls that you enjoyed from the first, and will likely be just as addictive. The small 2-person Imangi Studios team has grown to five, to take the game to another level. Since they now serve 170 million players on the original TR, this new venture has a lot to live up to.  (more…)

Disney’s Pixar and Imangi Release Temple Run: Brave for Android

Fans of Temple Run should feel a bit excited this morning, as the brand new Temple Run: Brave edition has made its way to the Play Store. With the Brave edition, there is an entirely new look along with some cool new features such as being able to shoot a bow. By hitting targets, you gain additional points which adds an extra difficulty factor to the gameplay. The game is $1 in the Play Store. Are you still loving Temple Run? (more…)

Imangi Announces Temple Run: Brave, Based on the Pixar Film Coming June 14

Sweet, another Temple Run game. Game publisher Imangi is partnering up with Disney’s Pixar Studios to bring us Temple Run: Brave to iOS and Android devices on June 14. What will make this game unique is not only the same run, slide, and jump features, but you will also be able to shoot arrows at targets which will give the game a nice breath of fresh air.  (more…)

Temple Run Updated, Compatibility Issues Fixed For ICS Devices Along with Other Bugs

One of the world’s more popular mobile games Temple Run, has received an update this afternoon. Inside the update are numerous bug fixes, along with some resolved compatibility issues for Android 4.0+ devices plus some other graphics-related problems for HDPI devices. All in all, it’s a solid update and users should see the app run smoother than ever.

Are you still enjoying this game or is it time for something new?

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Temple Run Update Introduces Wallpapers Via Store – Foursquare Brings Us a Map During Check-ins


Two of the more popular Android apps on the block, Temple Run and Foursquare, received updates last evening. For Runners, you finally get to purchase game-themed wallpapers in the store, assuming you have enough coinage. There are three of them:  the Evil Demon Monkeys (pictured above), Temple Wall, and Guy Dangerous. Along with the new ‘papers, “all sorts of improvements and bug fixes” were also included.

Foursquarians, the app now has a mini-map that is displayed when you hit the “Check In” button. Seems like something we should have had ages ago, but nevertheless, we’ll take it.

Play Links:  Temple Run | Foursquare