Video: This Guy’s “Voice-Controlled Home” is Freakin’ Sweet


The video above is currently making the Interwebz rounds this morning, showing a tenacious gentleman who has programmed his home’s tech and lighting to be completely controlled by his voice. Using apps like Tasker for his Google TV and VeraLite controllers for the lighting, he is able to set the mood in his living room with a single phrase. Trust me, you need to watch this.  (more…)

Tasker Updated in Google Play With New Holo UI

Tasker Beta

Back in January, the developers of Tasker released a beta, showing off a whole new pretty look for the application. After a few months of tweaking and fixing, the update has officially hit Google Play and now everyone can go pick it up. As a refresher, Tasker is an application that can be used to perform system events at scheduled times, change settings depending on your location, and tons more.  (more…)

Tasker Beta Released, Completely Revamped UI Gives App New Life

Tasker Beta

It’s the same old Tasker, but it sure is a whole lot prettier. The popular app for people who want to completely automate their smartphone is now in beta form, with a completely redone user interface. Taking notes from the Android UI guidelines, Tasker is still able to perform countless tasks with time/place precision such as turning WiFi on when you get home, timed reboots, and plenty more.

The original app is still available in Google Play for $6.49, but the beta is free for a limited time. Go grab it and let us know what you think.

Download Here 

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Tasker App Factory for Beta Users, Turn Tasks into Standalone Applications

Tasker is an application that many Android lovers can’t do without. You can program the app to complete tasks depending on what time it is, where you are, or even through gestures. It has received high ratings and is a great app for people who want to get the most out of their devices, but without lifting a single finger. The developer is back with another fantastic concept called, Tasker App Factory.   (more…)