FYI: Google Removed Tasker From Google Play (Updated: It’s Back!)

Yesterday, Google removed Tasker, the automate-the-world with insanely complicated triggers and scenes and actions and tasks, from Google Play and has yet to restore the app for the hundreds of thousands of users who have downloaded it over the years. No one is quite sure the exact reason for the removal, which is often the case when Google suddenly, without warning, removes an app, but the developer did take to the app’s support group to say that Google did so “mistakenly.”  (more…)

Tasker Updated With Over 30 New Features, Plus Ton of Bug Fixes

Tasker is one of those indispensable apps you download after Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. If you want to imbue your smartphone with true synthetic intelligence, it’s an application you can’t live without. And it only keeps getting better for users.

Today, the dedicated developers of Tasker issued an update that adds 33 new features, tweaks a number of behaviors, and squashes more bugs than we can count. It’s mind blowing.  (more…)

PushBullet Update Enhances Desktop Notifications, Tasker Event Plugin Support

PushBullet – one of our favorite apps of all time – received an update today that makes notifications on your desktop even richer. The update also adds support for Tasker’s newly added Event plugins category.

In notifications from your phone to computer, PushBullet has introduced improvements that make the connection both faster and use less memory. They also tossed in images with notifications, so you can see things like who just sent you an email or text and album art from music playing. Images should start appearing automatically once you update the Android app.  (more…)

Sequence of Volume Button Clicks Will Start Actions Using the QuickClick App

For those of you jealous of the devices featuring dedicated camera buttons and other gesture shortcut features, fret not. QuickClick will let you use your volume buttons in specific sequences as triggers for your camera and much, much more.

The free app will let you toggle your flashlight, start any of your apps, record audio, and even connect to Tasker to run any other device functions, exponentially increasing the power of this little tool. (more…)

Moto X Actually Has an Awesome Green Notification Light Hidden Under the Earpiece

While Active Notifications may be one of the coolest parts of owning a Moto X, it was a little bit hard for some Android users to give up the notification LED light they grew to love so much. Thanks to some intrepid hackers over at XDA, not only did we find that the Moto X has a notification LED, but it can be enabled at your will with root permissions and some Tasker code.  (more…)

Agent Makes Your Phone Contextually Smarter With Ease

agent app

One of the most underrated features of the Moto X, and the new DROID line on Verizon in general, is the Motorola Assist app that it comes bundled with. Essentially a slimmed-down version of Motorola’s Smart Actions, it allows your phone to react to you when you are driving, sleeping or in a meeting. The only downside is that Smart Actions is exclusive to Moto devices. Agent is an app that can do that and more, plus it is available for all Android devices.  (more…)