Skype Acquired by Microsoft for $8.5 Billion

So much for those rumors last week that Google would be buying up the calling giant, I’d say.  Microsoft announced this morning that their acquisition of Skype for $8.5 billion has become official.  It’s looking like they plan to incorporate Skype’s service into a number of their products, but all we care about is Android, right?  Well, the press release specifically mentions that they “will continue to invest in and support Skype clients on non-Microsoft platforms” so no need to worry yet kiddies.

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Skype with Video is Finished, We’re Just Waiting on Verizon to Release it?

HTC Thunderbolt owners have been waiting semi-patiently for Skype with Video to be released from Verizon for over a month now and still aren’t sure when it’s coming.  There were rumors of it being delayed and then on-again all during the pre-launch of the phone, but after a version leaked out a couple of weeks ago that appeared to be pretty finalized, it seemed as if we were just waiting for them to tap “Go.”

According to the email you are seeing above from a Skype CSR, that is most definitely the case.  Skype creates and finishes the different versions of their apps and then Big Red gets to decide when they are released.   Since they have a massive partnership that began last February, we shouldn’t be all that surprised by this, but we’re just wondering what the hold up is at this point.

You may remember that Skype issued a vulnerability fix to their non-Verizon app last week, but we’ve been told that the version with video has also already been updated to patch any security holes.  In fact, they have updated the app at least 5 times in the last month, which could mean that they are still tweaking things, but is also a pretty good sign that we should be getting close to a release.

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Skype on Android Updated: Security Vulnerabilities Fixed, 3G Calling Tossed In

After surviving the firestorm of bad press that accompanied news of Skype’s lack of protection over your personal information, the company has reached out to make sure that all of our readers know that their info is now secure.  An update has been released to the Android Market which fixes the blatantly obvious vulnerability that was discovered last week.  We’re hoping this means they went back to Encryption 101 and received a passing grade.

Skype has not had 1 reported example of a 3rd party application accessing any of their customer’s personal info.  They will continue to monitor the situation for the foreseeable future to make sure that everyone understands their commitment to security.

Oh, they also tossed in nationwide 3G calling (including the U.S.), something that only Verizon customers previously enjoyed.  Well, that was nice of them.

And before anyone asks, we’ll just cut this one off at the pass.  NO, the leaked Skype with video has not been fixed.

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Skype Acknowledges Security Issues with Android App, Begins Work on a Fix

As many of you know by now, Skype was outed as having one of the least secure apps on Android, and has already issued a statement to help ease the minds of its users.  They definitely didn’t deny any of it and are now working hard to make sure that the personal information of their 10million+ users is safe and secure.  They even took a page from our book and are also advising against late night “sexy girl pictures” searches in the Android Market.

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Skype on Android Might Be One of the Least Secure Apps on the Planet

The over 10 million users of the standard Skype app in the Android market may be leaving their personal information wide open for a potential hacker to easily peruse.  According to our friends over at Android Police, Skype is leaving your contacts, profile, instant message logs, and more without encryption or proper permissions.  Actually, that isn’t even the tip of the iceberg here.  All of your friends’ information, cell phone number, date of birth, etc. etc. can all be exposed without much work by even a novice hacker.

To prove that this information is readily available, AP tossed together a quick app that grabbed everything it asked for from within Skype directories without having root access or any other special permissions.  Pretty shocking, right?  Oh, this also affects the leaked Skype with video as well, but for some reason, Skype made sure to lock down the Verizon version.

Skype is apparently looking into the issue, but for now if you can’t part ways with the app, I’d recommend that you refrain from downloading any odd apps from the market for a couple of days and stick with well-known developers.  Basically, I’m saying that this wouldn’t be the time for a late night “Sexy Girls” search in any Android market.

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Skype Mobile with Video is Still on the Way?

Last night we started to question whether or not Skype Mobile with Video was ever coming to the HTC Thunderbolt, but according to a representative from Skype, it looks like it will still be here, we just have no idea when.  They are clearly experiencing issues with the video chatting version of it, something we noted back in February as being one of the reasons for the TBolt’s delay…

Verizon Wireless and Skype are committed to providing a great mobile video calling experience for customers,  and we are currently working on ensuring that when launched, Skype mobile with video on Verizon 4G LTE phones will deliver the best possible video calling experience.  We don’t have a  specific date for availability to share at this time.

At this point, are we sure Skype even matters?  Thousands of you have already picked up Thunderbolts, all while knowing that Skype would not be included.  There are plenty of alternatives on the market that will satisfy your video chatting needs, right?

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Skype with Video Appears to be Axed Completely from the HTC Thunderbolt

It seems like only a few weeks ago that we were enjoying Verizon’s CES press event which featured its lineup of 4G LTE devices, all with front-facing cameras to take advantage of the newly announced Skype mobile with video.  Oh how times have changed.

Questions surrounding this new video chatting app all started after our friends at Big Red informed us that Skype would not be ready at launch for the Thunderbolt in February.  Within days of that report though, a new 2/28 date surfaced, giving hope to those wishing to video chat with friends on their new 4.3″ tigerblooded beast.  And then 10 days later, Best Buy sent out memos to employees with really bad news.  The exact words were, “The Skype feature will not be available on the HTC Thunderbolt.”  Uh oh.  It didn’t say, “not available – but will be.”  It just said, “not be available.”

And almost immediately after that news hit our inbox, the changing of HTC’s and Verizon’s sites started happening.  The 4G LTE page for Big Red which used to feature its own Skype tab, was now missing for some reason.   (more…)