Skype for Android Updated, Newly Revamped IM Interface and Video Rotation Support for More Devices

Skype for Android has received a little update recently, bringing a couple noteworthy features to the masses. If you still use Skype from time to time, then you will notice a newly revamped Ice Cream Sandwich look, plus the app now has a reported faster start-up time. Good to know big developers are beginning to use Google’s theme outlines. Are you still using Skype on your mobile?

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Skype For Android Receives Update – Sharing of Pictures, Files and Videos Added

Skype users, you may want to head on into the Android Market to pick up the latest release of the app that just went live. You will find things like a more polished UI and better video quality while chatting on Tegra devices, but the real show stopper here is the newly added ability to share things. And when we say “things” we mean files, pictures and even videos with your closest friends from across the globe. The sign in and out process has also been simplified, along with improvements to voicemail.

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Skype on Android Updated, Now Supports the Bionic and Tablets

Skype on Android received an update tonight that brought in support for 14 additional devices including the DROID Bionic and the Motorola XOOM. Tablet support was something that had been missing up until now, so this is pretty big news.  You can now Skype away with your friends, loved ones and stalkers from just about every single Android device you own.

Full list of new devices:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (T-Mobile)
Sony Ericsson Xperia Live with Walkman
Sony Ericsson Xperia neo V
Acer Iconia Tablet (A500)
Motorola Photon
Motorola Droid3 LANDSCAPE ONLY
Motorola Bionic LANDSCAPE ONLY
Motorola Xoom
Motorola Atrix

T-Mobile Galaxy Tab 10.1?  Didn’t T-Mo just tweet about that possibly coming some time down the road? I guess we know now that it is just around the corner.

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Video Chat Embedded Deep Within the New Facebook Messenger?

Has Facebook made plans to add in video chatting to their newly released Messenger app on Android and iOS?  That’s certainly the word on the coding street.  According to an astute reader over at 9to5Mac, some of the features have already been built in – or at least the initial pieces are.  And it would make sense seeing as FB and Skype teamed up just a couple of weeks ago to bring video chatting to the masses.

Does anyone find themselves lusting after another video chatting app?  (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

Via:  9to5Mac

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Skype with Video on Android Updated: Thunderbolt, DROID Charge, Revolution and Others Now Supported


Hard to believe, isn’t it?  The HTC Thunderbolt, the device that was supposed to kick off the Skype with Video campaign back in March is just now receiving it almost a month and a half after it was released to the Android Market.  The Skype team didn’t just stop there though and actually added 17 other top devices including the DROID Charge, LG Revolution and Samsung Galaxy S II to the supported list.  It looks like they’ve adopted the same model as Netflix (slowly but surely), but we’ll admit that we are still happy that it’s making its way onto some of our favorite phones.   (more…)

Skype Pours Salt on Our Wounds, Teases Thunderbolt with Video Feature

Thankfully we released a version of Skype with Video that will work on Thunderbolts, but that doesn’t make the multiple sightings of it on Skype’s website any easier to handle.  Since the device is still not running Android 2.3, even though HTC told is it would be ready some time in Q2 (which ended yesterday), there is no official support for it at this time.

Do we have any idea when we’ll get it 2.3 or Skype on the Tbolt?  Not really.  Skype appears to be ready to pull the trigger, but can’t without it being updated to 2.3 – I guess we’re looking at you HTC.

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Download: New Skype for HTC Thunderbolt with Working Video, Other 2.3 Devices Too

Skype with Video was finally announced this morning, but the HTC Thunderbolt was unfortunately missing from its list of supported devices.  Thanks to our buddy 0mie though, Tbolt owners are now semi-supported.  Our devices are all running Android 2.3 (which is a requirement according to Skype) and work flawlessly, but  that doesn’t mean 2.2 phones will work.  So to those of you unrooted, stock and on 2.2, please test the file below and let us know if it works.

Download:  TBolt_GB_Skype.apk [mirror]

And let’s not forget that the 2.2 Skype with Video that we leaked should still work.

*Works on Galaxy S II, Charge, EVO3D, Sensation and Thunderbolt running 2.3.

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