Skype 7.0 Available for Android, Redesigned UI on Tablets and Better Multitasking

Skype 7.0 is rolling out to Android users via Google Play with a ton of changes for users of the service. First thing you should notice immediately is a redesigned UI for Android tablets, bringing more of the Material Design hotness that Skype unveiled last year on smartphones. This new UI includes a floating action button (FAB), featuring quick access to new video calls, messages, and contacts.  (more…)

Report: Google Working on Messaging Service to Rival Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp

Reported by the Wall Street JournalGoogle is working on a brand new messaging service, one to rival Facebook Messenger, Skype, and WhatsApp. If true, it would appear Google is not completely satisfied with its Hangouts offering, but what would differentiate Mountain View’s newly rumored messaging service from the already existing Hangouts?

Stated by sources familiar with the matter, Google is looking incorporate its artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbot technology into it, allowing users to ask questions from within the app, receiving answers from the web. This reminds me heavily of AIM’s SmarterChild bot, which utilized AI-esque technology to return answers based on questions you would ask.  (more…)

Skype Launches First App Since Skype Itself, a Video Chat Service Called Qik

Skype, the service that practically made video messaging mainstream for this generation, has released its first app since, well, the invention of Skype itself. The app is called Skype Qik, and to be completely honest, it is much like Stories from Snapchat. Users share short videos of themselves with friends and family around the globe, with the ability to go back and forth all from your existing Skype account.  (more…)

Skype Updated to Version 4.0, Receives Another Facelift


It’s a new month and to celebrate, Skype is launching a brand new Android app. After finally hitting a huge 100M download milestone, we are greeted with Skype version 4.0. Inside the app, there is a fancy new user interface, based on recent conversations more so than your contacts list. When you open the app, you now see lists of recent messages, allowing you to quickly start back up with chatting.  (more…)

New Skype Video Messaging Feature Allows You to Send Video Postcards

skype video messaging

The video chatting giant, Skype, announced today that they are taking their new video messaging feature out of “preview” and making it available to all of their mobile and Windows applications. Sometimes people aren’t available for real-time video chatting, and that’s where this new feature comes in. Skype Video Messaging is the latest add-on to the popular chatting application that allows you to capture a moment in time through video that can then be sent to someone for later viewing.  (more…)

Skype for Android Updated, Brings Portrait Calling For Tablets

Skype logo

Remember when Skype came to Android? If not, I’ll refresh your memory. It was a rainy Thursday morning on March 25, 2010 and to everyone’s dismay, the app didn’t even support WiFi. It was indeed, a failure. But now, it’s almost two years later and Skype is a much better application, supporting 3G, 4G LTE, and of course, WiFi connections. Today, it has been updated bringing a groundbreaking feature, portrait calling for Android tablets. Hooray.

If you need to go make your dreams of making a call while in portrait come true, go grab the update in Google Play. Enjoy.

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